Partcargo Space on Tramp vessels
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You are invited to use us as Partner in your business.
For any serious study/project/contract we will free ourselves, realizing such business is usually longterm thinking.


Some recent/running contracts include gas shipments of Ammonia (NH3) ex Black Sea, bulkfertilizer shipments from inland production site in Russia upto the various seaports for export, all on vessels also fixed by us. Another example is the export of pigiron ex Black Sea and the Baltic to various destinations in the Med/N. Europe. The trade is developed further. We have recently done a study on a fruit/vegetable project to be developed. Details cannot be disclosed at this stage for obvious reasons.

Reefer business.

Ever since 1965 we have been active one way or the other in various Reefer projects. We therefore know the "scene" from the inside, wich is a must to get the relevant information and support on (your?) new business to be developed.

A selection of partcargospace on tramp vessels

For years and years already we follow closely free space on tramp ships, having booked cargoes from A to B with space left under/on deck. You may benefit from it, and are invited to quote us your orders.