To give you an idea of what we do.
Our daily routines include;

 - Chartering cargoes overseas, with emphasis on Dry Cargo, Reefer and Ammonia (NH3). World Wide upto / including Panamax size.
 - Chartering in of vessels on timecharter for clients to perform their liner sailing commitments.
 - Calculating sea freights to support clients to buy or sell their goods.
 - Giving and/or obtaining freightcovers to "the trade".
 - Developing Sale and Purchase of ships and shipping related craft and/or equipment.
 - Consultancy on any shipping and chartering related business, including opinions on shipping law, documents and contracts.
 - "Shopping around" on the various markets.
 - Expanding and maintaining our valuable "network" of connections.
 - Collecting market information and relevant shipping and trading news.
 - And obviously following up all the paperwork on fixtures and "deals".

 A good way to describe our relationship with our customers;
We would like you to see us as "your chartering partner"


Among our clients we may count Producers, Traders, Freightforwarders, Linershipping Companies, Bookingagents, Shipbrokers, Owners and Operators.

We are doing our business through our network of worldwide contacts, combining personal friendship and professionalism. We are inviting potential customers around the globe to try us and test us. Let Us take care of your presentation on the international chartering markets, offering and negotiating for and on your behalf.

If so required we will design your chartering documents (Charterparty/Booking Note) to closely match your contract and L/C terms. We will see to it that the Bill(s) of Lading and other relevant shipping documents are drawn up and forwarded correctly.

Request for a personalized and detailed Introduction Letter, including references confirming our A1 performance Ask for Gerbert Visser or Gerard Jägers.


Practically all our business is concluded on Private and Confidential terms. We are doing business with professional shipping friends world wide.