Port of Rotterdam.

We are part of a big chain. The Port of Rotterdam counts for a couple of links. We are well established and know our way about in the port and portrelated services and are always at your service to help you out, finding your way 'round. Just ask for it.

If any personal introduction of (semi) official delegations to the Organisa- tion of the Port of Rotterdam is desired, we would be pleased to try and arrange this. Please refer to Gerbert Visser. We have recently introduced a delegation from the first private port in India.

The Port of rotterdam is actively expanding her international netwerk of contacts in the fields of heavy Industry and Servicing/Distribution Industry. Partnerships with ports/ districentres and their authorities are being developed. Strong emphasis lies on any Container and Distribution related matters.



 Bimco Denmark.

We are member of various business related foundations and clubs. We entered into membership of The Bimco organisation in 1976 and we find its work very valuable to the entire shipping and chartering community. Bimco develops new and improves older shipping documents, gives information on numerous relevant topics concerning our business and supports the shipping scene regulary with relevant courses and advice and warnings. Membership at the same time helps us in enhancing our network. Non Bimco members have permission to take a look into the area "public".



Through our sale and purchase department we are able to assist owners and/or managers in finding or recommending shipyards for repairing or (re)building jobs in any port in the Netherlands.

Stevedores and Warehousers.

We are always on the alert for new business proposals of any kind, and are pleased to assist in obtaining Stevedoring rates/cost for Heavy Lift, Bulk and/or General cargo operations.

Ship's Agency in Rotterdam/Dordrecht/Moerdijk

For all agency matters please refer to Peter Brobbel.